Master's program

The curriculum will consist of 6 modules:

Introductory, aimed at providing a holistic overview of trends impacting science education in today’s global society;

Methodology, aimed at examining various didactic strategies of pedagogy to foster the innovative engagement of diverse learners;

Technology, aimed at integrating digital resources and engineering solutions into the science learning environment;

Leadership, aimed at fostering leadership skills to prepare future teachers for ongoing improvement of learning ecosystem;

Research, aimed at enabling students to develop research skills; Subject content, and Master thesis (30 ECTS). The integrated approach is aimed at equipping future STEM teachers with methodological, organizational, and research skills to be employed for teaching different Stem subjects.

Integration will be made possible through project work. New engineering and technology elements will be introduced into the curriculum to help make training more practical.


Needs analysis Russia and Kazakhstan edited.docx

STEM Progr desc Im Kant.pdf