SFedU set up a STEM centre



The STEM centre is embedded into the Academy of Psychology and Pedagogy of SFedU and is located within “Area of actions” coworking space on the main street of Rostov city.

The vice rector for innovation projects and international cooperation Evgeny Mukhanov welcomed the visitors and told that new centre would play an important role in the implementation of the third mission of the university. STEM centre is an interface between the university and the public at large aimed at training teachers of the future.

STEM centre is opened within the Erasmus+ project “Integrated approach to STEM teacher training”. Maxim Bondarev and Elizaveta Mukhanova, SFedU project leaders, shared the best practices of training talented students within STEM subjects.

The “The collaboration within STEM education” round table was held after the opening ceremony. The students of the “Theories and technologies of STEM education” had an opportunity to learn about the STEM centre concept.

The opening ceremony was attended by the SFedU partners within STEM education.