Training workshop on Learning outcomes and curriculum development June 2019
6/24/19  - 6/26/19
University of Limerick

The following issues were discussed during the workshop: the survey results of the school students, STEM and additional education teachers, aimed at determining the features of STEM-disciplines and additional educational programs implementation in the educational institutions of Russia and Kazakhstan, career preferences of students in the field of STEM; the special aspect of STEM-education in Ireland; the features of the educational results formulation based on the Bloom's taxonomy; the principles of creation, structure and basic modules of STEM master's program, effective methods and tools of evaluation.

The key experts of the meeting were representatives of the Limerick University: Keelin Leahy, Merrilyn Goos, Michelle Fitzpatrick, Oliver McGarr, Niamh O’Meara, as well as a project coordinator Janerik Lundquist (Linkoping University, Sweden), the partner universities representatives: Maija Aksela (University of Helsinki, Finland), Gultekin Cakmakci (University of Hacettepe, Turkey).

Photos of the event