Realization of STEM Engagement Program M. Auezov South Kazakhstan University

 Experts from the University of Helsinki and the Luma Center organized an online seminar "STEM Ambassadors" within the framework of the project "Integrated Approach to STEM Teacher Training" on October 13-15, 2021. 4 students of M.Auezov South Kazakhstan University took part in this training and received certificates: Asel Aikozy, Turanov Akzhol, Amina Amidullayeva, Shymbolat Azat. Associate professor of the Department of Informatics Manat Shomanbayeva participated as a mentor of undergraduates.
In order to disseminate the experience gained during the training, the trained STEM ambassadors conducted trainings among schoolchildren on the STEM engagement program. Seminars were held among schoolchildren on May 5, 2022 at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School on the topic "Formation of functional literacy in geometry based on STEM knowledge" and on May 12, 2022 at School No. 47 on the topic "Engagement to STEM".
During the trainings, students received a lot of information about the emergence of STEM, about the importance of integrated study of disciplines, about the prospects of STEM career, about the features and benefits of STEM education, as well as, in particular, STEM approaches in the formation of functional literacy.


Photos of the event