6/20/22  - 6/30/22


In the period from 06/20/2022 to 06/30/2022 on the basis of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University a festival and a Summer School called "STEM in Modern education: Trends and Strategies" were held. The Summer School included 24 lectures, 38 practical work, 5 discussions and 5 master classes. The program can be found at the link:
The summer school was held with the support of the administration and the media center of the university:
The Summer School was attended by the teaching staff of the partner universities of the project: L.N. Gumilyov ENU, Hacetteppe University of Ankara of Turkey, M. Auezov University, S. Amanzholov East University, as well as teachers and 8 students of schools in Almaty, Astana, Shymkent (Daily general lists of teachers, doctoral students, undergraduates and schoolchildren were provided. In Appendix A, as an example, a list for 30.03.2022 was provided). 119 people were registered online
(, Since the Summer School was held offline, 47 certificates were awarded, and the Dean of the Faculty of Information Systems presented letters of thanks to the lecturers (Appendix B provides examples of a certificate and a letter of thanks).
Some moments of the Summer School were reflected in the video:
After the Summer School on 30.06.2022 a questionnaire (feedback) was organized among the participants, where participants expressed their subjective opinions and wishes. The questions of the questionnaire and an example of the participant's answer are given in Appendix C. It is noted that the organization and content of the Summer School is at a high level. In the form of a wish, we wrote that in the future we would like to see topics in mathematics, that in the future we will definitely take into account specific topics in mathematics.

At the end of the events, the participants were awarded an international certificate on behalf of the chief coordinator of the project, Mr. J.Lundquist, and the coordinator for L.N. GumilyovENU, Professor Mrs. M.Serik.


Photos of the event
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